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Oct. 25, 2017
Looking to improve your grammar or general tips on improving your English writing and speaking skills?
Look no farther than bit.ly/mrgoesl (or left panel > ESL/ELL)
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Oct. 12, 2017
If you're a stellar student or one in need of help, join Peer Tutoring:

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Today's tasks - Sept. 8/9, 2017
Complete these tasks by the end of this period. #3 should be started but will be due by Sept. 25 (all classes). NB: In preparation for the Diagnostic Writing piece next Mon/Tues (Sept. 11/12), review the GERRC paragraph structure (see left panel).

1. a) Sign up for edmodo.

Sign up for edmodo using the class code provided in class. Write a post introducing yourself, your favourite genre of literature, and a recommended read (book).
*If you have an existing account, click login. If you need to create an account, click "I'm a student". Be sure to capitalize your name and register with an email you check regularly.

b) Gr. 10 and 11s only: sign up for turnitin using the class ID/password provided. If you are new, click on Create an Account, then Register as a student. If you are an existing user, login to your account (use the forget password feature if necessary), then find the Enroll a Class tab and add class using the info provided.

2. Select a novel that is at your grade level, record it on the handout, and show it to Mr. Go.

Fill in the library handout using the earlhaig.ca/library links (Read More! at the top) and begin finding novels for silent reading. Using Novelist, the EHSS library catalogue, and the TPL website, fill out the back of the sheet including at least ONE Earl Haig library book and one TPL (Toronto Public Library) book. Find one book on the shelf and show it to Mr. Go

3. Create an intro letter using the MLA template in preparation for a library session to come. Due Sept. 25 to Turnitin.

Make a copy of the MLA template to your google drive (into a folder named for your English course this year - e.g., ENG1D). Using the MLA template (see side panel), create a 200 word letter introducing yourself to Mr. Go. Use this format to create your letter.

Beneath the letter, copy and paste a 150-word block of information on a topic about which you are passionate (e.g., environmental issues, social justice, sports, travel). Use a reputable website: you should not** use wikipedia as a source.