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  • Consider these learning skills that every teacher examines. They are practical ones that will take you past post-secondary and into the workforce.
  • Keep notes organized and dated in a three-ring binder, so you can follow the course in chronological order (this is also handy if you're ever away: you can ask your homework buddies to help you catch up on material from specific dates)
  • Review notes on a regular basis and try to incorporate concepts in your everyday life (e.g., putting vocab on fridge, reading notes aloud to yourself--try creating your own podcasts and listening to them)
  • Record your voice reading notes aloud and play them back as you are doing other activities (try just before bed and first thing in the morning on a regular basis)
  • See Mr. Go if you're ever unsure about a concept or unclear about an assignment

Strategies for notetaking and processing information

Note Taking: turn to pdf p36 (document p34).
Check p14 in agenda for password.

Mr. Go's tips on notetaking in class (with look-fors for notetaking checks)
Consider these **look fors** when making notes (


Strategies to Prepare for:
Test-taking tips

Objective Tests and Quizzes (multiple choice, fill in the blanks)
  • create memory devices (mnemonics) to help remember facts
  • practice applying knowledge to other examples of work (e.g., poetic devices for different poems not studied in class, literary terms for short stories outside of those studied)
  • rewriting and highlighting important pieces from notes and handouts from class and reviewing these on a daily basis; try coloured highlighters for different ideas (headings, related ideas)
  • posting cue cards/flash cards of study materials around room, house
  • reading notes aloud, recording these and replaying while doing other activities

Subjective (Written response) Tests
  • all of the above (under objective), in addition to reviewing support materials on the website and from class.
  • practice general writing by responding to news articles in a journal
  • review the GERRC paragraph and essay outlines on the writing support page.

Exam Review Sheets:

Strategies on Creating Review Sheets

  • As suggested in the notetaking video above, try taking notes leaving a margin on the right (e.g., 2" wide) for annotations on understandings, key ideas, and questions (i.e., Cornell method of notetaking)
  • Review all notes from class and any relevant electronic materials from either the wikispace or edmodo folders
  • Used coloured pens and highlighters to help organize existing notes (create a legend/key to signify what each colour means). Note patterns, common ideas, and connecting ideas between each of the unit's pieces (e.g., between poems, stories, or excerpts)
  • Try using colour post-its to annotate your notes, or when taking notes, be sure to maintain a

Review and Revise for next time
  • How many questions on the test/exam did your review sheet help you answer?
  • Did you have information on the review sheet that you didn’t use at all?
  • How did you decide what to put on your review sheet?
  • If you had the opportunity to revise your review sheet, what changes would you make?
  • What have you learned from preparing this review sheet that you want to remember when you make the next one?


Britannica Image Quest
Sometimes the school workload and life's balancing act can get overwhelming. Below are some suggested strategies to help you cope!

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insight timer.pngMr. Go recommends - Insight timer, a great meditation app with options for customized self-run or guided meditation from some of the world's best guides (try Tara Brach or Jack Kornfield). Review from a Gr. 9 student "I used the muscle relaxation trick to sleep better, and I meditated for 15 minutes and I feel more joyful".

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