Remember that when reading essay examples (exemplars), keep in mind that each author has his or her own writing style and the context of the essay (the purpose for which it was written) may dictate the way an essay is written.

Consider the Writer's Variables when examining the essay exemplars listed on this page and consider the genre of the primary source (text - short story, play, poem, novel) and the Purpose, Audience, Tone, and Level of Language you are expected to employ in your particular essay.

Consider how the argument is organized and presented to the reader. Essayists may employ various methods of organization and development for their arguments depending on the subject matter, nature of the argument, and effect they are trying to achieve with readers.

Keep in mind that some of the essays may not follow the MLA format since they are published in a context that does not adhere to the ones you should use in Academic writing. Be sure to employ MLA format in your work especially when citing quotations and creating a Works Cited page.

  • EHSS Library: Literary Reference Centre's Essays from Salem Press' Magill's Literary Annual
    • (UN/PW at the start of your agenda in the library section near p23). The above link is to the search results for an Advanced general search for Magill with Document Type: essay; Full Text.
    • Note the natural use of subtle transitions (through continuity of ideas and phrasing rather than transitional keywords such as "furthermore"), embedding quotations (often they do not cite pages - but be sure you do)