#1. Register for wikispaces by following the video directions.

* Join wikispaces with a username similar but *not* identical to your own first and last name.

Try "firstname_last-name-variation" so for Johnny Smith, you can try "Johnny Snowyowl" (pick an animal that begins with the same letter) . If someone else in the class has your name, be sure to use the first two or three letters of your surname for clarity (Alex Lee might be Alex Leopard). If you have the same first and last name as someone in the class, use a middle name initial or email Mr. Go on how to make your username unique (e.g., using part of your birthday)

#2. Next, join your class' wikispace by clicking on the class' link on Mistergo's homepage. Select "join wiki" at the top (or left) of the screen. You may have to go through an approval process if the space is locked.

#3. Use the tutorials to help you create a page with your username as its title. This is where you will be uploading your analysis and media presentation for the poetry media assignment. As you work through your drafts, keep the originals by pushing them to the bottom and putting most current material at the top of the page.

NB: all activity is monitored and recorded for quality assurance ;p.**